a claire slattery

the indefinite article

although i’ve basically been in a fog all weekend, i feel like i got a lot done.

i am excited and realistic about the things that i want to get done in the next month and i have the tools to pull everything together. 

the people i’ve chosen to spend time with over the past month are challenging me in ways that have needed to happen for a while. 

my job is insane in the best way possible and i think i’m really starting to have a good handle on everyone/thing.

i bought an iron. it’s red.

my house is moderately messy. 

i’m enjoying this screen door business. i haven’t lived in a place with one of those in a long time.

i miss sara avery.

wondering if i should devote more time to playing online monopoly.

depressing facebook ad of the day.

depressing facebook ad of the day.

What is the Midwest?

What is the Midwest?

batch 2

i just bought 2000 stickers because it was only 10 more dollars than 1000. 


sorry america.

november 14.

november 14.

totally stoked

2nd “design” of a claire slattery stickers is underway.

sorry world. you’re about to be ruined by my name again.

here’s what i’m doing tonight.

here’s what i’m doing tonight.

not that much stuff / too much stuff

i think this is the least i’ve owned while living in arizona. i have five forks left from a set of 12. 3 small plates and 3 big plates left of a set of 8 each. I have like 4 cups — all of these pieces survived 6 moves over the past 6 years.

all of my pyrex has disappeared. (aka i threw most of it out because it had moldy food and i’d rather double waste.) maybe one day i will learn that I don’t eat most leftovers. 

i have no living room furniture except an ikea entertainment center, and a table i need to throw out.  i thought i had more books than i really have. i must have given a lot of them away.

i still have so many things. i have a tv, a few computers, a full bedroom, a nice knife set, lots of dresses, and endless mason jars. though it may be time to downsize that part of my stuff too — mostly clothes. goodbye 1st ever shirt i bought from urbie outie and also almost every T-Shirt I own.

pop punk

tonight i went to new found glory with one of my best friends (mike mchale). he won tickets through a radio station, and i saw them with alkaline trio with him six months ago, so he invited me along. when i saw them with alkaline trio, they blew me away. i really am not into that dude’s nasaly voice at all, and know two of their songs, but they performed a consistent set and to see the audience get so into them was incredible. 

the same thing happened tonight. i had a little bit more of an outside perception this time because i wasn’t connected to any of the bands, but i noticed that as bands like this get older, their fans get older, and everyone still acts young. the show was at marquee, and although it definitely wasn’t sold out, they filled up more than half the space. there was positive energy everywhere, and at some point when a fight almost broke out they stopped playing and basically were like, “uh don’t do that.” i felt 16 again.  

there isn’t really a point to any of this, just that i’m still impressed with new found glory’s live performance and posi vibes. i will never listen to their music, but i’m glad they exist. the world needs more new found glories.